Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hand Lettering

I wrote in my last post about really wanting to get into lettering.  Well, I've actually made a start.

This really is my first attempt, so I wasn't too careful, nor was I prepared to waste good-quality colouring materials on it.  That said, I think I could produce something acceptable using this technique - perhaps for a card, or certainly in the art journal (once I get back into it).

The inspiration for this came from what I think is a wonderful book...

Click here for link to book on Amazon

It includes all different sorts of alphabets, ideas for creating your own styles of lettering and lots of suggestions for using them.

Here's another example...

...and this novice's attempt to do something similar...

Yes; if you look carefully, there is an 'E' monogram in there - somewhere.  I'm keen to carry on with these, incorporating my stash of really beautiful colouring materials - blending and embellishing them.  I've also started to formulate my very own special lettering alphabet.  More of that later.


  1. yeay..yeay..your lettering is looking good..like the idea of your own alphabet...

  2. I should of course, acknowledge your encouragement in this, Sandra, as in so many other things I've taken on over the past few years. Can't remember what I ever did without you!

  3. You're lettering is great. I look forward to having a go with Sandra in a couple of weeks time. You came up in conversation this morning while I was up the Hill. Were you ears burning?

  4. No, Lucie, it wasn't burning ears that alerted me to the possibility - but remarks in your blog about teenagers. Not, as you know, that I am one of those beings, but I suspected Sandra might have mentioned my grand-daughter being there with me! Could be wrong!