Saturday, 14 April 2012

Peter Pan Collar

Something current.  My daughter and two grand-daughters have been staying with me for a few days and the eldest, 14 year old, hinted, strongly, that she would like a detachable Peter Pan collar.

She chose fabric and lace from my craft room and so I got down to it.

After I'd added the lace, she decided she wanted to embellish it in her own special way - at which point I stepped back a bit.

On the plain half collar above, I would have liked to just add a lace daisy.  The photo below shows what she actually chose to do with it.  Don't miss the three tiny star buttons at the narrow end!  And apologies for the different picture exposures - they really are the same thing.

It's obviously a generational thing!  Just off to put the two final parts together and sew satin ribbons on the back to tie in a small bow.

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