Sunday, 15 April 2012

Peter Pan Collar - update

Well - here's the finished product.  Yes; I know: I should have made sure it lay flat before I took the photograph.  Grand-daughter is delighted with it and blatantly intent on telling all her friends back home in London that she made it herself.  Shameless!

I've now been commissioned to crochet a collar for smaller granddaughter.  Hey ho.

She and I spent a wonderful couple of hours at The Crafts House this morning with the wondrous Sandra, who took said grand-daughter through the basics of creating a craft journal and filling her with confidence in her budding efforts to reach the artist within her.  It was awesome to watch.  I spent the time starting on a relatively new skill - that of lettering:  it's something I've wanted to explore for oh so long.  Again, Sandra was an absolute inspiration.  I'll certainly be pursuing this one.  After all, it's not as if I have anything else to do!


  1. your granddaughter is a delight..i can't wait to see what she produces..and you are a wonderful writer..

  2. Can I bring you home, please?