Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Small Gold Cushion


I'm always on the look out for unusual embroidery patterns and this one really appealed to me.  The original was published some years ago - I think in New Issues magazine, and the colours used were quite different to this.  Also, it was larger and rectangular in shape.

The design is geometrical, with both large and small repeated motifs, but the rest of it actually appears quite random.

It's basically counted-thread work and I have to admit it does take  some concentration.  Every one of the 'flowers' is different, and they're joined by straight stitch stems and leaves.

I fancied doing this one in shades of gold and I've embellished it with gold sequins in the centre of each of the 'flowers'.  This particular one is quite small - about 10" square.  Again, it's my favourite embroidery fabric - tea-dyed 28 count evenweave.

I did several others in the same pattern, but using greens and reds, and the effect was quite different.  It's amazing how you can bring your imagination to bear on a good pattern, to give such varied outcomes.

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