Friday, 17 February 2012

How To Fabric Paint

This is just a very brief explanation of how to fabric paint, with an example of how I use it.

Firstly, I decided on the size of the cushion I wanted to make.  Then I traced my design and replicated it on the central, in this case muslin, fabric.

I use acrylic paints, and mix them with fabric medium (available in places like Hobbycraft).
To embellish the top portion, I 'spotted' with the darker colour and added a ' jewel' to the lower part.
Then I used embroidery thread for the running stitch around the actual design and the borders of the muslin.

The face is, again, muslin - painted and then stuck with a 'bonding' product: I prefer BondaWeb but there are others.
Lastly, I added the borders.

I've found that actually getting down and doing it is the very best way of learning how to fabric paint.  Practise.  On scraps of fabric.  More endless possibilities, limited only by imagination.  For instance a small cushion like this could be designed and/or customised as a gift  - for babies and children, birthdays, weddings etc - and personalised however you wish.