Tuesday, 28 February 2012

When it all goes wrong...

I know.  Cute, isn't it?  This is a knitting pattern from a Sublime booklet.

My grand-daughter was born last May, so a few weeks ago, I decided to make this for her - using just one colour, but with a contrasting one in the ruffled edges.

I knitted the back.  I knitted the sleeves.  I knitted the right front.

When it came to the left front, I realised there was something wrong.  It didn't fit against the other front, or the back.  I went over the pattern again and again.  No explanation.  In desperation, I pulled out the last front and started it again; but once I got so far,  I realised it still wasn't going to fit.

Eventually - and admittedly after a couple of glasses of wine - I decided I must have made a mistake with the back!  So I pulled that out and started that piece again.  It wasn't long  before it was obvious that there was something radically wrong.

Reality struck.  I'd knitted the 'correct' pieces in one size and the last piece two sizes smaller.  That's not all.  I knew at the beginning I might be really pushed for wool; I might just have enough, but hoped the contrast ruffle might win the day.  Wrong.  I wasn't even going to have enough to knit the last piece.  What's more - the wool is discontinued.

Guess where the unfinished cardi ended up yesterday - in the bin!

Now, I'm normally a patient and persevering kind of person, but rarely, something like this goes wrong and I just get to the point where I never want to look at the thing again.

Nowadays, I don't let it get it to me, 'cos most things come out right.  But - Tabitha - Gran is really sorry and will try much harder next time. x


  1. Well Tabitha looks like a little sweetheart. I have no doubt that Gran will succeed next time.

  2. Hi Elaine
    ..really loving your blog..i did a Reggie Rabbit blog hop for the blog yesterday..hope you don't mind
    big hug