Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mixed Media Wall Art

This was another technique I picked up at The Crafts House.

The idea (I think!), is to divide up your chosen piece into equal portions - in this case squares and 'treat' each individually.  Here, I'v'e gone a step further and incorporated rectangles, comprising 2 or 3 of the squares.
The materials I used range from wallpaper, through to plush velvet. I've also included a small piece of blackwork and the embellishment uses embroidery, scraps of thread and pumpkin seeds painted gold.  The 'punctum' is a brass ring covered in blanket stitch.

The world's your lobster with this, as it costs virtually nothing to produce and it can be made any size at all to suit your needs.

Mine sits happily on the porch wall.  I'm seriously considering doing something similar but on a grander scale, to go above my bed.


  1. I love your mixed media wall art. I'm hoping to do similar at the Patchwork Paper Art workshop in May. Keep up the great work Elaine.

  2. Ahhh Elaine your stitching and fine detail are beautiful..i should announce that you are the lady who taught me how to sew french knots and colonial was one of those light bulb moments!!