Monday, 26 March 2012

Bead Bookmark

Bead bookmarks are yet another great way of using bits and pieces.

I make these for standard paperback sized books, so that's what you need to bear in mind when you cut a length of waxed thread to begin, leaving extra if, for instance, you want to create loops etc. at the ends, as I have here.  (In my local craft store, the thread is available in quite a variety of colours.)

Make knots about 1" longer than the length of the book, to make sure the beads stay where they're put.  Then just thread your selection of beads however you want at the ends.

The only slight difficulty I have with these is knotting after I've finished: the thread isn't exactly malleable; and it depends on the design, but so far I haven't been defeated in finding where/how to do the finished knots, securing each end so that they're not visible.  Look upon it as a challenge!

You can imagine, I'm sure, how different you can make these bead bookmarks look, depending upon what you use.

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