Friday, 2 March 2012

Small Cushions

Small cushions are one of my favourites.  I find them so versatile - especially when grouped together.

This lot live beneath my living room window, on top of storage boxes, which contain all sorts of craft paraphernalia.  (My craft room is bulging at the seams, so quite a lot of my materials are secreted away, all over the house.)

Some of this collection are simple patchwork, some appliqué.  My two 'local' grandchildren each chose one of them to be their special bed-time cushion.

The 'box type' cushions, on which they sit, were made from silk, embroidered brocade.

The central one is rather different from the others.  I used a crazy patchwork technique and embellished it with gold metallic zig-zag..

Central, crazy-patchwork effect, cushion

(All of the above were made by hand - before I decided to get to grips with machining.)

Several, similar, small cushions sit on the edge of my stairs.  Whether hand- or machine-sewn, I really don't think I'll ever tire of making them.

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