Sunday, 4 March 2012

Embroidery Knots

I've found that a lot of crafters seem afraid of embroidery knots.  I used to be exactly the same.  Personally, I think they're one of those things that you need to be shown how to do, rather than follow written/pictorial instructions.

Really, once you get the hang of them, they're just so easy that you can do them virtually blind-folded.  I use a method which you rarely see in embroidery books and yet it's foolproof.

I incorporate them regularly in my embellishments because I find there's no end to the wonderful effects they can give.

This was made as a small gift for a good friend.  Both she and I love old, antique effects, so I tea dyed the cotton fabric, making sure it left a few 'stains', and I 'shabby-chiqued' the frame.

I've no idea exactly how many colonial knots went into this; I wouldn't dream of counting, but it must run into the thousands.

The embroidery thread I used was a favourite (especially for Christmas projects) - DMC 115 - a wonderfully rich, variegated red.  Anchor do an equivalent, but is somewhat darker.

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