Monday, 5 March 2012

Door Danglers

"Door Dangler' is a term I came up with long ago, of necessity.  I couldn't think of anything else to describe the very small, sometimes tiny, 'cushions' I loved making and, since I hung mine on the handles of doors all over the house - from wardrobes to kitchen units - it seemed suitable.

I got the idea for the one above from an Inspirations magazine, in a design which featured many flowers, but I was taken by this rosebud in particular.  I decided to create a double running stitch grid and place one in each square.  The stitch used for the buds is padded satin stitch and the thread is pale pink, variegated.  There are tiny iridescent sequins at each intersection.


I've made others, using all sorts of embroidery techniques and have often given them as small gifts to those who particularly appreciate needlework.

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  1. love this one elaine, one of the prettiest I think you've done.x