Saturday, 3 March 2012

Embellished Quilt Block

I found a basic version of this quilt block in a book quite a few years ago.  But, with my love of 'fine' work, I couldn't resist embellishing it.


The flowers are from various fabrics of similar colour tones and were appliquéd by hand. The stems and leaves are sewn in straight stitch.

What I decided to add were - beads, sequins and gold knots in the centres of the flowers,  and outlining of  the petals with gold metallic running stitch.  I also seed-stitched (with the same variegated thread as the stems) inside the leaves, but kept the stitching 'random'.

It shames me to say that I've had 12 of these blocks put away for years.  Just one of many unfinished projects patiently awaiting my attention.

I also think that this design would make a very nice cushion cover.

(Oh - and spot the deliberate mistake?  There will be those among you who are already aware of the ancient adage - that a handcrafted project should never be without a 'mistake' since only God makes perfect things.)

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